Three ‘must have’ B2B SEO tactics

Three ‘must have’ SEO tactics to implement on a B2B website

B2B websites are under immense competition to contend for that top spot on Google and other search engines. 

For a site to stand a chance of staying one step ahead of competitors in the ranking stakes, businesses need to be aware and ready to implement the latest SEO trends and tactics. 

If you need to give your B2B website rankings a bit of a boost, take a look at these three ‘must-have’ SEO tactics to implement on a B2B website.

Voice search SEO

While voice-guided SEO might be still in its early days, it’s something to consider when implementing up-to-date SEO trends on your B2B website. 

Research by PWC shows that 71% of respondents would rather use a voice assistant to search for something online rather than having to type the query in. 

To optimise your site for voice search, you should focus on providing quality content in featured snippets. 

A featured snippet is the summary that Google displays as an answer to a user’s query. Featured snippets are displayed at the top of Google search results, so the more concise, engaging and optimised your featured snippets are, the more likely your B2B website will be found be users.

Geo targeting

For ranking purposes, it’s beneficial to include area-specific keywords in the content of your website, as Google’s updated page scrawling system searches for region-specific keywords and traffic patterns as a means of promoting ads and content that is tailored on a visitor’s regional needs and interests. 

Move away from thinking SEO is solely about keywords

Traditional SEO might have been focused heavily on keywords and inundating websites with words centred on what a site is selling or what services it is offering. 

However, while keywords remain a central component of successful SEO, other trends, such as mobile optimisation, geo-targeting and voice search optimisation, need to be leading focuses of any B2B website SEO campaign. 

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