Five not-to-be-missed website design trends for 2020

When it comes to web design, trends seem to come and go as fast as they do on the catwalk of London Fashion Week! 

The savviest of web designers, brands and marketers are au fait with the latest web design trends to ensure their ‘window to the world’ has a maximum impact on customers and prospectives.

2020 looks to be an exciting year for website design. Ensure you’re ahead of the game by taking a look at the following five not-to-be-missed website design trends for 2020.

Background video 

Instead of bringing videos to the forefront of a site, there is a growing trend to have videos on in the background. This more subtle form of animation will bring a site to life while helping a brand get a message across in an exciting, engaging way. 

Chat bots

We’ve seen chat bots steadily grow in popularity during 2019, a trend that looks set to make greater inroads in web design in 2020. Chat bots are poised to become a regular feature of sites, providing businesses with a cost-effective way to respond instantly to visitors’ queries. 

Use of 3D elements 

Web design is quickly catching up with the well-established trend of 3D graphics in the film and gaming industries. 2020 will be all about implementing eye-catching 3D graphics into the design of websites, to create more engagement and interest with a site. 

Asymmetrical layouts

Symmetry is so last year! Rather than sticking to the old grid-based system, which creates symmetrical layouts, opt for the broken grid technique, which crafts asymmetry and gives sites a quirkier and more creative look. 

Oversized typography

Forget small fonts, 2020 is all about big and bold typography. Vivid and oversized lettering helps businesses draw visitors’ attention to different snippets of information and can make a site look more visually appealing and ‘readable.’

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