Three Big Online Marketing Stories From May 2021 all Businesses Should Read

It’s always a busy time in the world of SEO and May was certainly no different. There was quite a lot of chit-chat inspired by Google’s latest Marketing Livestream, of which we take a look at some of the most relevant highlights below. There was also some news regarding Instagram’s continuing efforts to catch-up with TikTok, and LinkedIn have announced a number of new features to help brands increase their reach.

Google Marketing Livestream Report

The Google Marketing Livestream aired at the end of May and there were a few notable insights and reveals to report.

First up are the new Performance Max campaigns which will help drive better results across all of Google’s platforms. It is currently in Beta and will be soon expanding to thousands of additional advertisers. Ultimately it will help online businesses generate leads and grow sales without using a Google Merchant Centre product feed.

Also revealed was the next version of the Insights page which will help you learn even more about the performance of your website and the behaviour of your site’s visitors. The new version will include three new types of insights in the form of audience insights, demand forecasts and consumer interest themes.

Google also announced new globally available ad customizers that will enable you to create more personalized and relevant responsive search ads at scale. You are also now able to use image extensions to make Search ads more visually engaging.

Other highlights of the Google Marketplace Livestream include the ability to optimize bids to maximize value with target ROAS bidding which is now available for all advertisers using video action campaigns. You will also be able to use Customer Match to reach and re-engage consumers, which is now available for most advertisers.

Reels Ads Test Expanded by Instagram

Instagram announced in May that it is extending their testing of Reels ads to more regions. They had been testing the Reels ads in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia over the previous month, but will now extend the testing regions to the UK, Canada, France and the United States.

The test campaign is an attempt to mimic the ads seen between videos on rival platform TikTok. The ads appear between other clips and videos on a feed and feature a ‘sponsored’ label to indicate they are paid promotions.

While the ads will add more value to Instagram, they are also understood to benefit the popular creators of reels who will be paid more for ads appearing with their content.

LinkedIn Announce Event Ads Feature

LinkedIn posts will now be able to be promoted directly from a brand’s LinkedIn page as part of the new Event Ads feature.

Event Ads will give brands the ability to ‘boost’ organic posts from their page, with the boosted posts helping to increase their post’s reach by creating a campaign in an ad account associated with the brand page.

LinkedIn also announced the introduction of a new Event Analytics tool along with Custom Streaming integrations and Mobile Page Analytics.