Three Big Online Marketing Stories From April 2021 all Businesses Should Read

April saw Google getting busy with a new roll out that will have a big impact on the quality of product reviews, plus there was an exciting development for Google Ads. We were also treated to a video package from Instagram which revealed a couple of interesting control options which could impact how businesses use the platform.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of online marketing and social media over the last month.

Google Roll Out Product Reviews Algorithm Update

April saw Google announce and roll out a product reviews algorithm update. The update was intended to reward product reviews that include more in-depth information instead of basic summaries.

The result of the update should be the more prominent promotion of product reviews that contain superior content to the usual uninformative information found online. Google wants to increase the rankings of this more informational type of product review on their search results pages.

Google said the product reviews algorithm update was meant to be quite big, but not to the degree of a full core update. The update started rolling at the beginning of the second week of April and was completed by the third week.

The Public Liaison for Search at Google, Danny Sullivan tweeted to confirm the update was ‘effectively done’, but added: “Caveat is with any update, you can still sometimes have some edge case lingering.”

Some new guidelines Google provided for creators of product reviews include explaining what sets a product apart from its competitors and adding expert knowledge about the products where it is appropriate.

Instagram Reveals Useful Navigation Controls

Understanding the full functionality of social media platforms can be important to ensuring you are putting out the right kind of content, so an insight shared by Instagram into their navigation controls during April was very useful.

Over time, Instagram have added a number of navigation shortcuts which can affect engagement, especially shortcuts like the a ‘peek at post’ option which lets users look at a preview of a post by pressing and holding the thumbnail in the Explore tab. This has the potential to increase the importance of the thumbnail of posts, especially posts featuring videos or multiple images.

This is significant news as Instagram publicised this information just last month and so a lot more users will now be aware of the controls.

Another useful shortcut for businesses managing multiple accounts is the ability to quickly switch between accounts by double-tapping on the profile tab.

Google Ads Insights Page Made available to All Advertisers Globally

Google rolled out the beta version of their Insights page last year to help marketers keep up with search trends, and they announced in April that it will now be available worldwide. The Insights page will inform marketers of trends relevant to their business so they can make adjustments to campaigns according to consumer demand.

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