Three Big Online Marketing Stories From June 2021 all Businesses Should Read

June was a busy month in SEO and social media, with new features in Google Analytics and Facebook business, as well as revealing insight from Google about what causes a general slowdown in website traffic. Here’s what’s been happening over the last month.

New Features in Google Analytics 4 

New reporting features in Google Analytics 4 aim to help marketers discover more about their key insights. Google also announced some new usability tweaks.

One of the most obvious new features is the navigation menu now appearing on the left side of the screen. The idea is that its new placement makes it easier to navigate to different reports quickly and intuitively. 

The reporting in Google Analytics 4 is also now a lot more flexible, with admins able to customise their Analytics interface. Other customisation capabilities aim to help users find specific insights faster, with the user able to create custom overviews as well as group reports into collections. 

A new Advertising Workspace has also been rolled out, along with the brand new Advertising Snapshot. The latter is a dashboard with multi-channel conversion paths, including an attribution model comparison graph and the ability to convert volumes by channel.

Another interesting new feature for marketers is expanded conversion modelling, which will continue to be extended throughout the year. This feature will model data in an effort to fill reporting gaps created when visitors do not consent to cookie tracking.

Facebook Launches New Ecommerce Features

New ecommerce features were unveiled by Facebook in June, giving retailers four new ways to reach customers.

Newly created Facebook shops will now appear in the Shops tab and make them more visible to the one billion-plus users perusing Facebook Marketplace. The Customer Reviews feature is also being expanded to products in shops on Instagram.

There will also be new Personalised Ads, while access to the AR Try-On feature is being expanded.

Google Suggest Website Aesthetic Affects Rankings

Google’s John Mueller recently suggested that the visual appearance of a website may have a significant effect on its visibility in search results. This means that if a website doesn’t meet particular expectations for quality, then its ranking position could be negatively affected.

Mueller was speaking during the Search Central SEO hangout in June, and revealed the aesthetic value of a website when answering a question about halting a gradual traffic decline. His advice was to look at various site elements that can affect visitor perception as a general reduction in traffic may not be directly related to a specific algorithm update. It is likely instead to indicate an issue with the perception of the website’s quality.

Mueller added: “Sometimes those small differences do play a role in regards to how people perceive your website. If, for example, you have something that is on a financial topic and people come to you and say, ‘Well, your information is okay but it’s presented in a way that looks very amateurish,’ then that could reflect how your website is perceived. And in the long run could reflect something that is visible in search as well.”