Three Big Online Marketing Stories From March 2021 All Businesses Should Read

March was an interesting month for SEO leaders, as Google revealed some insight into how their Googlebot works that exposes a myth SEOs have been propagating since SEO began. There is also a new Instagram feature that could be very beneficial to businesses, and a long-awaited update to the Google Ads mobile app. Read on for the three biggest online marketing stories from the last month.

Google Reveal Title Tag Length Has ‘No Limit’

It has long been recommended by SEO leaders that title tags should be no longer than 70 characters. This is because that is around the maximum that Google displays on both desktop and mobile device screens. However, Google themselves recently confirmed that this title tag length recommendation does not come from them. They even added that longer title tags are not actually detrimental to SEO at all.

Gary Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, explained why he tries to steer people away from thinking about concrete numbers. “It’s not even about how we display titles, but rather, how we construct our serving index and how we tokenize the page itself.”

Illyes also offered some advice on title tags. He said, “Try to keep it precise to the page, but I would not think too much about how long it is and whether it’s long enough or way too long. If it fills up your screen, then probably it’s too long, but if it is just one sentence that fits on one line or two lines, you’re not going to get a manual action for it.”

Instagram Introducing Draft Stories Features

Instagram announced in March that users of their platform will be able create drafts of stories to save them to publish later. Not only will this be convenient for regular users, but businesses with an Instagram presence will have more confidence in the content they publish.

Regular posts have long been able to be drafted and saved without publishing, but the stories feature has always required instant publishing upon creation. This creates uncertainty as to the actual final quality of a story post, which is more detrimental to businesses than for regular users.

With the ability to draft stories ahead of time, perfect them and schedule them appropriately, Instagram stories may well become one of the most effective ways for businesses to keep their visibility high and engage with their followers with dynamic, high quality content.

New Features Arrive for Google Ads App

The Google Ads mobile app is receiving an update which will equip the app with two new features. The new features are designed to help advertisers monitor and improve their campaign performance in real time.

The new features include more nuanced custom notifications related to ad performance and status changes. There will also be more data available detailing any fluctuations in a particular ad campaign’s performance.

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