Three Big Online Marketing Stories From February 2021 All Businesses Should Read

February revealed some interesting insight into how word count affects rankings, plus Google also announced some changes to their Ads creation feature. Brands and businesses were also given a helping hand to stay culturally relevant by Twitter, so read on for the three biggest online marketing stories from the last month. 


Google Comment on Word Count Relevance to SEO

Google’s John Mueller recently spoke about the relevance of word count to Google’s rankings. The Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst answered a question about adding extra content to a page to help it rank higher. 


Mueller said: “From our point of view the number of words on a page is not a quality factor, not a ranking factor. So just blindly adding more and more text to a page does not make it better. It is a bit like if you want to present something to a client who’s walking in, you can give them a one or two-page brochure or you can give them a giant book of information.


“And in some cases, people will want a book with a lot of information. And in other cases, people want something short and sweet, and that’s similar to search.”


Mueller continued, talking about how if you have the information that you need for indexing so that users and Googlebot understands what a particular page is about, then a short version will be fine. He added: “You don’t need to make it longer. Just blindly adding text to a page doesn’t make it better.”


This is hardly groundbreaking news, but does confirm Google’s dedication to quality over quantity and can help businesses fine-tune their content creation strategies.


Twitter Reveals Top 6 Trend Topics For Brands

Twitter has published a list of the top six trending topics that brands and businesses should be aware of to stay in touch with the public mood.


The list is designed to help brands remain ‘culturally relevant’ as Twitter’s research revealed a 73% correlation between cultural relevance and brand revenue. Twitter correlated the data by analysing billions of tweets posted over a two year period.


The six trend topics include Wellbeing, Creator Culture, Everyday Wonder, One Planet, Tech Life and My Identity. The first of these is strongly associated with self-care and mental health, while Creator Culture is reflective of the entrepreneurial rise of otherwise ordinary people. Everyday Wonder is all about the extraordinary things in the world around us, while One Planet is focused on working towards a sustainable future.


Tech Life most often revolves around our personal relationship with technology, and the My Identity trend topic is about concepts of identity and the expression of self.


Twitter believes that an understanding of these trend topics and how people interact with them will help brands and businesses thrive over the next few years.


Google Ads Makes Responsive Text Ads the Default 

Google announced in February that Responsive Text Ads will be the default ad type in Google Ads. Expanded Text Ads will continue to be supported and new ones can still be created by advertisers, plus they will still be able to edit existing ads. The update will not affect how ads are served.


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