Three Big Online Marketing Stories From July 2021 all Businesses Should Read

There were a few interesting developments in the world of SEO and Google Ads during July, especially for any advertisers who skate close to the edge when it comes to violating Google’s policies. TikTok also announced some new live stream updates that will help businesses avoid unwanted comments during their broadcasts.

Read on to see what has been happening in the world of SEO, Ads and social media over the past month.

Ranking Factors Now Visible for Google Search Results

Google announced in July that they have expanded the About This Result feature for search results to show the factors behind a specific search result. The original feature was first launched in February this year, but will now list multiple factors explaining why a result was ranked in the search results.

Google searches now show the terms it matched on the web page as well as other related terms that were not direct matches. You will also be able to see what additional factors earned the ranking, such as links from other websites within the ranked content earning it more importance and trust. Another factor will be related images in the ranked content, as well as any particular geographical reasons that might have influenced the ranking.

The factors will be listed as bullet points, and there will also be additional search tips to help users refine the terms they are searching for.

Google Ads Pilots New ‘Strikes’ System for Violations

Google have reiterated their intention to cultivate a trustworthy ad experience for users, advertisers and publishers by introducing a new system to penalise repeat violators of the Google Ads policies.

The policies are intended to prevent unsafe or harmful ads from appearing on their platforms.

The three-strikes system for repeat ad policy violations will begin testing in September, with warnings and strikes being issued for any violations of the Google Ads policies including the Enabling Dishonest Behaviour, Unapproved Substances and Dangerous Products or Services policies. 

These policies cover any ads that promote deceptive behaviour such as advertising products to create false documents, offer hacking services or spyware. Ads featuring unapproved substances include those promoting tobacco and drugs, while weapons are covered by the dangerous products part of the policies. 

While such ad content has long been against the Google Ads policies, the new three strikes system is increasing the penalties for violating the rules. First and second strikes will last for 90 days and result in a temporary suspension until the violation has been corrected. All strikes can be appealed by the advertisers.

TikTok Adds New Moderation and Discovery Tools

TikTok is trying to improve the live streaming experience by introducing new moderation tools. The new TikTok tools will provide more control for live broadcasters, plus there will be new discovery tools that will better highlight live stream content as it is being broadcast.

The new moderation tools will primarily focus on safety, providing broadcasters with more control over unwanted comments or interactions as they live stream. One of the new options will be the ability for a broadcaster to assign another user as a Live moderator who can manage their streams while they broadcast.