Three Big Online Marketing Stories From August 2021 all Businesses Should Read

Three Big Online Marketing Stories From August 2021 all Businesses Should Read

August witnessed something of a SEO marketing kerfuffle as Google made seemingly impactful changes to the appearance of search results, while they also introduced an excellent upgrade for their attribution models. Facebook also made changes to their own Ads which could have a significant effect on some marketing campaigns by businesses with a younger demographic.

Read on to see what’s been happening in the world of SEO, digital advertising and social media over the last month.


Google Ads Attribution Upgrade 

Google upgraded the Google Ads non-last click models at the beginning of August. They now include data-driven attribution to support YouTube and Display ads. The data-driven attribution model will also now measure engaged views from YouTube as well as clicks. 

The aim of the upgrade is to enable the data-driven attribution model to learn more about how users interact with ads and the drivers behind conversions. The data-driven attribution model should be used in conjunction with an automated bidding strategy or with updates to manual bidding. This should then help improve additional conversions at the same CPA in comparison to the last click. 

YouTube and Display ads have also been added to attribution reports.


Facebook Limits Adverts Targeting Minors

Facebook has followed Google’s example by announcing they are making changes to the way that minors can be targeted with adverts. The changes will include new ad placement tests  and a new tool for advertisers.

A statement regarding the Facebook age-based targeting read: “Starting August 23, many targeting options, including detailed targeting and Custom Audiences, will no longer be available to target people under 18 globally, 20 in Thailand or 21 in Indonesia. For new ads that include young people, you’ll only be able to target by location, age and gender.”


Google Title Change Update Kerfuffle

There was some significant unrest among SEO marketers towards the end of August, caused by changes Google made to the clickable titles in search result snippets. Previously, the search results usually did not show the title tag in a page’s metadata as the clickable link. Then a small update administered by Google changed how the title tag appears, as well as headers and other page and link content. The concern arose from the possibility that Google rankings were no longer including keywords appearing in tag titles, and rather just those that appeared in the displayed titles.

However, Google has since confirmed that the changes do not affect SEO and the tag title keywords are still a part of the ranking results. When questioned on Twitter regarding how the new displays affect rankings, Google’s John Mueller replied: “This just changes the displayed titles, it doesn’t change ranking or take anything different into account.”