Three Big Digital Marketing Stories From February 2022

Three big SEO stories from February 2022 all businesses should read

February provided us with some insight into product review protocol, as well as the top priorities for Google Ads developers this year. There has also been a new addition to Instagram which may benefit some businesses.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of SEO, Ads and social media over the last month.


Use Original Photos for Product Reviews, Says Google

Google have revealed how to make the most out of the product review algorithm, and it involves using original product photos. The last algorithm update rewards in-depth research, and original photos adds more value to a published product review. 

Google also stated that their automated systems would not necessarily distinguish between original or artificial photos in product reviews, but that it was a factor they consider during manual assessments.


Google Ads Reveal Top 3 Priorities for 2022

Developers at Google Ads have revealed their top three priorities for 2022. They will be focusing on automation, measurement and privacy. 

While the developers haven’t given away too many specifics, we can ascertain from previous comments that they are aware of the recent shifts in consumer behaviour. This will likely be the driving force behind their focus. 

For example, Google Ads’ Vice President and General Manager, Jerry Dischler, has stated: “Over 80% of Google advertisers are now using automated bidding to free up time and improve ad performance.”

This implies that they will be using automation to improve the readiness, speed and agility of Google Ads products, with the aim of helping businesses to drive growth. We can expect emphasis to be placed on using the Performance Max and Discovery campaign types.

With regard to Google’s focus on measurement, we already know that Google will be pushing enhanced conversions, a consent mode and conversion modelling, as well as data-driven attribution.

Digital privacy is a challenge, so it is good news that Google Ads has this as a high priority too. A business needs their customers to know that their data is safe and secure, providing them with a level of anonymity. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the rest of the year.


Instagram Enables Likes On Stories

A new like feature on Instagram stories can help businesses generate goodwill with their social media posts. Previously, it was only possible to interact with a story on Instagram by sending a direct message, but now likes will be the primary way to show appreciation for a story.

The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, said in a statement: “Today, we’re rolling out story likes — the ability to like any story you see on Instagram. So now as you go through Stories, between send message and that little paper airplane, there will be a heart icon. And if you tap on it, it’ll send the author of that story a like, and that like will show up on the viewer sheet, not in your DM thread with them. So you can do so without worrying about cluttering up your messages.”


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