Three Big Digital Marketing Stories From January 2022

Big Digital Marketing Stories From January 2022

January saw lots of new features added to Google search results and Google Ads, as well as several new updates aimed at improving communication on Twitter.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of SEO and social media over the last month.


New ‘People Search Next’ Feature on Google Results

Google recently launched a new ‘People search next…’ feature for search results. The new feature aims to predict the next searches following an initial search, and it will be useful for businesses to understand exactly how to feature in the new search prompt.

It works by showing popular follow-on searches and appears as an entirely new feature, rather than replacing any existing ones. It joins the ‘People who ask…’ and ‘People also search for…’ as Google Search prompts on a results page, as well as the refine and related searches feature.

The feature is currently only available for mobile searches in the United States for English language searches, but will eventually expand if it proves popular.


New Unified Advertiser Verification Program for Google Ads 

Google Ads is unifying their advertising identify and business operation verification programs into a single advertising verification program. The merger should happen in March, according to information Google Ads sent to advertisers recently.

The new advertising verification process will remain similar to the current identity verification process. You will need to submit your legal business or personal name along with verifying documentation. Once selected for the Advertiser verification program, advertisers will be notified via email and an in-account notification.

The unification process will also see some user experience improvements. Google said: “Advertisers will be able to initiate, monitor the status and progress of their verifications, and view failure reasons (if applicable) in a new user interface under the Billing and Payments settings tab in their Google Ads account. Advertisers can access this interface via in-product prompts and notifications.”

Google also added that the changes will not impact the ‘scope or requirements of Google’s other verification programs’. They plan to begin implementing the update on March 31 this year, and will gradually increase the roll out over a subsequent two month period.


Four New Updates Launched by Twitter

Twitter used January to implement four new updates which may change how businesses interact with their customers. Some of the new features are still in their testing phase, but include Tweet reaction videos, a new composer bar and a topics tag bar. There is also a new and easier way to share Twitter Communities with other users.

The reaction videos are officially known as ‘Tweet Takes’ and allow users to retweet with a reaction video, similar to TikTok’s video replies.