The Top 5 Google AdWords Changes

Many of you may have noticed the name change from Google AdWords to Google Ads, but there are lots more new changes to come. Here we look at the top 5 changes and how they could affect you.

  1. Responsive Search Ads

In a few months time Google will be launching Responsive Search Ads. Responsive Search Ads will give Google a pool of copy to work from; from there, the platform will automatically test different combinations of headlines and descriptions and learn which combinations perform best. This means that Responsive Search Ads will be able to serve the best message to different searchers depending on the keyword they search for, their device, their past browsing behavior and other signals.

  1. Introducing TrueView Video

According to Blue Corona the popularity of video isn’t slowing down. Every day YouTube users watch more than a billion hours of video, and 91% of smartphone users have bought or planned to buy something after seeing a video ad. This year Google has updated their YouTube bidding strategy to identify who has recently searched for your products or services on Google and advertise to them via YouTube.

  1. Increased emphasis on mobile speed

Keep an eye out for a new Mobile Landing Page Speed Score column on the Google Ads landing page. As more and more people are using their phones to browse the web this tool will come in extremely handy as it will score landing pages on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being very slow and 10 being extremely fast. The score will take into consideration the relationship between page speed and potential conversion rate.

  1. A new solution for small businesses

Another announcement from Google is Smart Campaigns, Google Ads’ new default ad experience. Smart Campaigns are tailor-made for small businesses, very similar to AdWords Express. Smart Campaigns give small businesses the tools to get up and running within just a few minutes but small businesses with bigger budgets may find themselves wanting more control over their ad spend.

  1. Google Smart Shopping

Online shopping is more popular than ever. It’s a convenient way to buy the things you need and have them delivered right to your door, so it comes as no surprise that Google has ramped up its shopping experience. Smart Shopping now gives advertisers the option to select store visits and new customers as goals. Machine learning does the rest, making pragmatic bid adjustments, optimizing your ad placements and optimizing which products are featured based on a wide range of factors, from seasonal demand to pricing.

It appears Google has taken its already bustling suite of marketing and advertising features and amplified it. We believe the changes will greatly benefit users, making the Google Ads experience more streamlined and effective.

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