How a great website can help you stand out in the digital marketplace

If you think about a brick-and-mortar high street there are a variety of different shops all in the same place, making it easy for customers to browse the aisles of many different stores at their leisure.

The internet is the modern day digital high street, and your website is your storefront. Having a website today is as important as having a shop or a phone number, in fact, your customers expect you to have one and it needs to look good on a mobile device too. Research suggests that a staggering 1.98 million SMEs do not even have a website, so if you do have one, you already have a competitive advantage over almost 2 million SMEs! But, there’s work to be done to make your website worth the investment.

5 ways to make your website work for you

  1. Be found. Having a website means customers can always find you. When it’s time to shut shop, your company information is still accessible and customers can browse your products or services in the comfort of their own home. SEO Management is crucial to ensure sure your website is found on search engines. Target your local area to direct customers to your shop, or make use of online forms to gather customer information.
  2. Credibility. It is expected that a reputable company will have a website and email address, and potential customers expect any website to be up to date with correct information. This includes modern design and interesting content. Website management can be a daunting task, but its so important because maintaining and updating your website can help to boost search engine rankings as well as credibility.
  3. Consumer insights. Analytics tools can tell you how well your website is performing, how many people visit your site, how they found you and how long they spent browsing as well as many more fascinating insights. Analytical information can help you to understand where to focus your marketing efforts, like Google AdWords, which can drive more relevant traffic to your website through advertising.
  4. Customer service. Websites provide an easier way to handle customer service. You can offer answers to frequently asked questions in a FAQ section, which can help to reduce customer service costs and save time and money whilst providing detailed and instant information for customers.
  5. Invite reviews. Persuading customers to review your brand and products or services can entice other potential customers to make a purchase. A customer might be interested in a product but hesitant to buy if there is no product review. Customer reviews can provide the “social proof” needed to validate their initial interest and make the decision to purchase because they can see how other shoppers reacted to the product. Research from Moz shows that customer reviews also increase the ranking of your website.

There are many other ways to drive traffic to your website, including social media, blogging and SEO, to name a few. But the main point we want to make is to not just create a website and leave it.  Your website requires constant improvement and optimisation to make sure you’re generating a return on investment from your site.

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