Which social media channels provide the best ROI

Social media is considered as a must-use platform for marketing in the modern era. Such is the potential for brand awareness and lead generation that it’s unthinkable for businesses to ignore social media in their digital marketing efforts. 

But which social media channels provide the best Return On Investment (ROI)? 

The best social platform very much depends on what type of business you run, who your audience is and your specific marketing goals and objectives. 

You will need to consider which platform naturally plays into your brand’s strengths. 

For example, if your business is inherently visual, Instagram could be best the social media site to concert your efforts into for maximising ROI. You might make and sell artwork, and therefore posting out images of your creations regularly on Instagram, which is an essentially visual content sharing site, is likely to be much more effective for ROI than the likes of LinkedIn or Twitter.

By contrast, if you are involved in an industry that, by its very nature, demands high-quality thought and opinion pieces, such as accountancy or recruitment. Posting out editorial-type content and industry-specific updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, would be more suitable and effective than posting on Instagram.

Twitter and customer service

If your business is customer service led, Twitter is an invaluable tool, as its communicational style enables you to communicate directly with customers to address their questions and queries. 

LinkedIn and B2B reach

For B2B businesses looking to extend their reach, LinkedIn is a great channel for connecting with other business through Inmail, groups and closed searches. 

Creating editorial writing to share your expertise, thoughts and positions about your sector, will help you be seen as an industry expert and can be a great way to optimise your ROI when using social media as a marketing channel. 

Determining which social media channels to focus on to provide you with maximum return on investment can be a complex process. 

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