Tips for designing a website that converts

The design of a website can make all the difference in boosting the conversions from your site. By simply modifying the website design, businesses of all industries and sizes can benefit from a higher number of conversions, ultimately contributing to profit margins and company growth.

If you’re thinking about creating a new website for your business or want to improve an existing site, take a look at the following tips for designing a website that converts.

A professional design

Research from Stanford University shows that 46.1% of consumers say the design of a website is a leading criterion when deciding whether a business is credible or not.

With such importance placed on the design of a website, it is vital your website looks professional and is well-designed.

Check your page speed

Online browsers and shoppers are notoriously impatient. Research shows a mere one second delay on page load time equates to a 7% drop in conversions.

If you’re wanting to maximise the conversion rate of your website you’ll need to check page loading speeds, and, if they’re slow, carry out steps to increase page speeds, such as optimising images, minimising HTTP requests, deferring JavaScript loading, reducing server response time, and other tricks to quicken page loading times.

Think carefully about colour

When designing a website, think carefully about the colours used, as, like with any marketing material, colour can have an influential effect on evoking certain moods and behaviour within consumers.

Ideally you should choose colours that not only reflect the personality and image of your brand but correspond with the overall message you want to portray on your website.

As different colour combinations can evoke different reactions and emotions, it’s important you think carefully about the colour of the font, images, background, text and other components on your website.

Remember the ‘8 second’ rule

With such low attention spans, businesses, as a general rule of thumb, have a meagre 8 seconds to grab the attention of visitors before they become bored and move on to another website.

Consequently, you need to make sure your site stands out and grabs people’s attention from the moment they visit it, with striking headlines, eye-catching imagery, engaging content, alluring call to actions, simple and clear signup buttons, and other design traits that compel visitors to stay on your site and make those vital conversions.

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