What Makes The Perfect Google Ad?

Google’s paid advertising system, Google Ads, has long been an effective way for companies to be visible for people searching for a specific service, product or topic.

If you are thinking about starting a Google Ads campaign or want to improve the results of an existing campaign, take a look at what makes the perfect Google ad.

Write a great headline

Headlines are extremely important with paid Google advertising as they are what attracts a reader’s attention. Ensure your headline is concise, eye-catching and relevant to your audience.

Address customers directly

Address customers directly in your Google ads by using words like “your” and “you” so it sounds like you are speaking straight to them.

Describe the unique benefits of your product or service

Don’t mince your words in describing what the unique benefits of your service or product are and why it within their interest to opt for your services or products.

Use keywords that mirror the searcher’s query

The most effective Google Ads campaigns make good use of keywords. When writing your ad, think about what words and phrases your customer will be searching for and parrot these terms in your ad so it assures customers they are in the right place when reading your advertisement.

Give customers an incentive to take action

Encourage readers to take action on your advert by offering them an incentive. It might be a “buy one get one free” offer, a free signup or a half-price deal that they simply can’t refuse.

Always include a Call to Action in your copy that encourages readers to be directed to where you want them to be directed from your advert.

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