Three Big Online Marketing Stories From October 2021 all Businesses Should Read

Three Big Online Marketing Stories From October 2021

October saw Google revealing important insight into what to do with out of stock pages to preserve their SEO rankings, plus Google Ads received a long awaited new feature. Facebook also revealed exciting new communication tools for small business owners.

Here’s what’s been happening in the world of SEO, Ads and social media over the last month.


Google Share SEO Tips for Out of Stock Pages 

Google’s John Mueller spoke in October about how ecommerce businesses should handle SEO for out of stock pages on their websites. The concern was that having pages with out of stock items appear high in searches means a bad user experience, but removing them might affect their ranking once the items are back in stock.

First, Mueller suggested leaving the product pages accessible by search engines, but to use structured data to let the bot know that the products on that page are temporarily unavailable. Then simply update the structured data once the items are back in stock. 

Another suggestion was to either add a noindex meta tag to the page or un-link it, though there will still be an indexing recovery period when the page is restored. Mueller added that you can speed up the indexing recovery period by linking to the restored page from your website’s home page, as such links are considered more valuable by the Google search bot.


Google Ads Budget Report Now Tracks Daily Campaign Spend

A new budget report has been added to Google Ads that will help advertisers analyse their daily and monthly campaign spending. The new report solves an issue that had been annoying advertisers for some time now, with the Google Ads daily spend tracking also allowing advertisers to analyse how their campaign performances have been affected by previous budget changes.

There are various places within your Google Ads account where you can access the daily budget report, though you will of course need to have an ongoing campaign with a date range including the current month.


New Communication Tools For Businesses on Facebook

Facebook are creating an audio and video call function for small businesses on Messenger, as well as providing them with live audio rooms and appointment bookings. The new Facebook updates also include some changes to Personalised Ads, Facebook Business Suite and Ad Creation.

The audio and video calls are currently being tested, while the live audio rooms function is being expanded to allow small businesses to host live conversations on topics relevant to their customers. Small business owners will also be able to receive and manage appointments from new and existing clients via their Facebook page as they continue globally expanding the feature.