How to make your social media videos amazing in five simple steps

With the rising popularity of videos on social media, video content marketing has become an important part of a business’s overall digital marketing campaign. Like with any online content, in order to be viewed, engaged with, acted upon and remembered, videos need to stand out if they’re going to make an impact online.

If you want to put the ‘wow’ factor into your videos, check out the following five simple steps on how to make your social media videos amazing.


  • Tell a riveting story

It might sound obvious but if the story your telling in your videos isn’t riveting, it’s unlikely to strike a chord with your target audience. The best videos tell powerful stories that tug on the emotions of viewers and create a lasting impression.


  • Make sure the first few seconds grab your viewers’ attention

Like when reading a blog or a press release, the first part of a video is vitally important, as it’s what will make the difference between a viewer watching the whole of the video or literally switching off. 

Make the first few seconds of your video outstanding so that your audience feels it has little choice but to watch the rest of the content.


  • Keep it short

We’ve all got busy lives and not nearly enough time to devote to watching lengthy videos on social media. With this in mind, keep your video content short, snappy and sweet.


  • Exploit animations 

Don’t be afraid to use animations to help bring the content to life. Animated videos can make videos more fun, engaging and memorable, and can be used to visualise complex topics in a clear and engaging way. 


  • Choose the right platform to post your video content 

Depending on the subject of the video, the length of the broadcast and the audience you are trying to reach, you should think carefully about which social platform you post to. For example, Instagram is generally better for shorter videos as the platform has a 60-second video limit. Whereas Facebook allows you to post much longer videos.

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