Five Social Media Management Tips

Make an immediate online impact with these five social media management tips

Building a strong and effective social media presence involves much more than simply getting new followers. Utilising social media to its optimum requires knowledge, consistency and perseverance. 

If you’re determined to get more out of social media, take a look at the following five social media management tips to help make an immediate online impact. 


  • Use plenty of visuals

Research shows that social media posts with images generate 650% more engagement than posts purely comprising of text. 

Engage your followers and encourage them to read, like and share your posts by accompanying text with inspiring images. 


  • Make social posts sharable

Create an immediate impact on social media by making your posts sharable. For social media content to be sharable it needs to be easy to be read on all devices and entice people to share. 


  • Ensure your blogs are easy to share

Let others drive your online presence for you by encouraging them to share your blogs, press releases and other online content. Placing social media plugins next to blogs and other content will mean that readers can share the content with ease and spread your message for you.

Think carefully about where you position the plugins, as not all blogs are read in full, so positioning buttons at the top or halfway down the content rather than at the bottom, might encourage more people to share. 


  •  Create social media consistency

Followers like to know when you’re likely to post fresh content. Consequently, the more consistent you are with publishing days and times, the better. 

Keep tabs on when the highest amount of traffic to your social posts takes place. Then create a social media calendar around these spikes, to help drive consistency and ensure your content has a higher chance of being seen. 


  • Keep engaging with your audience

Effective social media campaigns involve more than merely posting fresh content. Engage with your followers by liking and sharing their content, commenting on their posts and thanking them for liking yours. 

Effective social media management requires time, knowledge and effort. If you’ve not got the time or the right skillsets to generate an effective and consistent social media campaign, why not let the experts at Effective Internet run your social campaigns for you?

Our social media experts understand the different social media platforms. They know how to optimise accounts, build connections and engage with audiences.

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