Instant Messaging Marketing

Incorporating instant messaging into your marketing communications strategy

The use of instant messaging for marketing purposes is becoming more common for brands. The messaging strategy is popular because it allows people to use internet chat conversations to relay information back and forth in real time. It is often used as a social networking tool, but many companies also use instant messaging as part of their daily business routine. Here, we explore how instant messaging can benefit your business.

Customer service

Customers are looking for quick answers and instant messaging can provide them with just that, because it is a real-time alternative to call centres. No more will customers have to sit through tedious menu options and being put on hold for long and costly periods of time.

Studies have shown that e-commerce websites in particular often lose sales because customers can’t get their answers quickly enough. With instant messaging, customers don’t have to slog through voicemail menus or send an email.

Plus, instant messaging automatically produces a transcript of customer dialogue that can be kept on file to keep track of customer interactions.


Chat Bots

One of the most exciting new emerging opportunities for communication via messaging is automated conversational agents – chatbots. Emerging from instant messaging platforms, the most notable entrant being the launch of chatbots API on the Facebook Messenger platform.


Chatbots make communication between customers and brands straightforward and effective. Facebook allows business to set automated messages to get to the bottom of customer enquiries with ease.  Social Media Examiner have created a great guide to using Facebook Messenger bots for business.


Of course, engaging with instant messaging now requires instant results, so businesses switching to this service will need to be appropriately resourced to respond during peak times. But at the risk of being left behind by new technology instant messaging should be something all business should look into in 2018.

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