Three Big Online Marketing Stories From December 2020 All Businesses Should Read

December saw the latest core update from Google and their announcement of some exciting new features for a vital ad campaign tool. There has also been some development for business users of Twitter, so read on to learn about three of the biggest SEO and ad campaign news stories from the last month. 


Latest Core Update to Affect SEO

Google started rolling out its next big core update on December 3rd, with most effects felt the next day. Google themselves said it would likely be a good couple of weeks before the roll out was completed, but it seems it had quite a significant impact even in its early days.

While few details are explicitly known, we can tell by the effects that it was a pretty big update, at least as big as the one in May, and possibly even bigger.

Data companies tracking Google’s search results have been publishing their findings in the wake of the update, with most agreeing it appeared to be a very big update that had significant effects across almost all verticals.

There were big changes in desktop searches for search terms related to health, real estate, travel, finance, law and government. Mobile searches saw noticeable impacts on search terms relating to health, real estate, law, government, jobs and education, as well as to pets and animals.

There were also obvious changes in the search rankings of subjects related to E-A-T and content such as music, health, finance and e-commerce. 


Google Announces Google Ads Editor v1.5

Google announced in December that they have updated Google Ads Editor, with the update adding new tools for ad strength as well as support for additional recommendations and image extensions.

Although available since November, Google waited until mid-December to announce it. The downloadable Google Ads Editor app lets you manage your Google Ads campaigns, with the web interface making it easier to manage efficiently. 

The latest 1.5 version of Google Ads Editor lets you filter by account, campaigns, ad groups or all items with the same label. There is now a shortcut to jump to a previous type and improved messages for account limit errors. Google has also updated the statistics columns and you can now check the strength of responsive search and display ads.

They have also added more detailed recommendations, a merchant feed for app campaigns, a dynamic ads feed and plenty of helpful tips for new users. You can check Google Support for a full rundown of all the changes and new additions to the Google Ads Editor.


Frequency Caps Enabled by Twitter

Twitter enabled frequency capping for all campaign types in December, which allows advertisers to control how many times ads are shown to users. The frequency cap feature is now a default option in ad group details for Reach, Engagement, Video Views, and Pre-Roll Views objectives.

The frequency cap should boost ad performance and increase upper-funnel metrics like ad recall and brand awareness in situations where weekly exposures are fairly light. The impact will taper after the first two impressions in a week, but then the frequency will increase as users move further along the funnel.

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